Advanced Trading Course

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About Course

The Fundamentals | Forex Trading Course

You get access to already made videos, that direct you and sets your foundation for success as a trader.

    • Strategy
    • Psychology
    • Risk Management

Learn all these in our this Forex course, designed to make you a success in a very short time.

Questions and Answers in our Forex Trading Course

Learn with the community, ask questions, and get answered by other traders across the world. No matter the question you have, there is an answer ready for you.

The truth is, your problem has an already made solution, you don’t need to reinvest the wheel.

Weekly Performance Review

We will teach you to review your trades weekly, with our forex trading course. While you may not get the same level of attention with our one on one forex mentorship class, you would be thought to audit and review your own trades each week to figure out areas that need improvements.

1000 Trades Challenge | Forex Trading Course

Again, with regards to the 1000 trades challenge, you won’t get the same attention as the one on one forex mentorship class, however, you would be taught how to do this on your own to aid you to do it for yourself.

Primarily the difference between this course and our one on one forex mentorship is that, with the forex trading course, you are taught once and expected to learn the things by repeatedly watching the videos.

While with one on one mentorship, you get personal interactions with your mentor and begin to become profitable right away with the help of your mentor.

The Pay Back

Our Forex trading course provides you with all you need to become a successful forex trader. It may take you some months to grasp the concepts on your own but with consistent practice, you are going to become exceptionally successful.

When you do, consider donating to a charity.

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What Will You Learn?

  • A Complete Forex Trading Course, to guide you to become a profitable Forex Trader in the shortest time possible

Course Content

Understanding the basics of the Forex Market and what to Expect in this course

  • Introductory to SlytEdge Forex Trading Course
  • Understand Money
  • The History of Forex Trading
  • Correct Use of the Meta Trader

The Technicals
Understanding the basic technical analysis in Forex

Fundamentals in the Market
A complete view of fundamental analysis in Forex

The Act of Trading

The Way of the Market

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