One on One Forex Mentorship


The One on One Forex Mentorship class provides a complete set of knowledge in the Forex market, providing you with skills and expertise on how to trade the Forex market profitably. If you are looking for a free forex trading course, please click here instead.

The whole idea is to take you from a beginner to an expert in a short period of time while giving you all the details necessary to make you a professional trader in our one on one Forex mentorship class.

Once you purchase this class, you get access to a private portal on the website,(it may take up to 3hours to make this available, due to an increase in the number of students, please exercise patience during this time) where only you and your mentor would work together for your success.

One on One Forex Mentorship; The Fundamentals

You get access to ready-made videos that prepare your mind for your journey as an expert Forex Trader. These videos serve as the basis for what we would be doing when we get to the next section.

Private Portal for One on One Forex Mentorship

All our students have private portals, these portals exist for only the student and his Forex mentor. Here you get to upload pics of the trades you took, the stop losses, take profits, the rationale behind the trade, the thinking process, etc.

Your Forex Mentor get’s to view these and make recommendations and critique where necessary. Your mentor may upload private materials for you if they find you lacking in certain areas, or may redirect you to take some quizzes to get you on the right path if he senses something amiss.

Questions and Answers

You and Your Personal Forex Mentor get to ask each other lots of questions and each is answered. Try to open up about your trading history, your trading portal, and do as your mentor instructs.

This helps a lot of traders get ahead quickly.

Weekly Performance Review

Each week you would be on a zoom section with your Forex mentor, in our one on one forex mentorship class, you may have other students joining if the mentor deems it fit, the goal here is to review your trade’s and discuss any weaknesses you might be facing, and to encourage you to build on your strengths.

1000 Trade’s Challenge

Most retail traders do not get to 50 trades without blowing their accounts. In this challenge, you would be undertaking the challenge of taking 1000 trades with the help of your mentor, the same strategy perfected a thousand times.

Fear not the trader with a thousand trading strategies. Fear the trader who has practiced a single strategy a thousand times.

By the time you are through with the 1000 trades challenge via the one-on-one Forex mentorship class, You should be ready for the world ahead and be geared towards success through the Forex market.

The Pay Back

After the 1000 Trades challenge, you would be ready to go solo, on your own, to achieve your dreams. Do not forget to stay in touch with your Forex mentor. It is indeed lonely at the top, but you eat better and sleep better.



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  • A computer with an internet connection
  • Time
  • Will to make money through the Forex market.

OUR PRICING For One on One Forex Mentorship

By now, you must have noticed the volume of work it takes to mentor a single trader. Only trader’s who want to get to the next level commit to this course, for the lowest fee of $621.0

See you in your Private Portal Soon.

What Will I Learn?

  • A complete master class on how to trade the Forex market profitably, upon completion, our students are able to go out on their own and trade the Forex market profitably with very little difficulty. Those who put in the detailed work, actually come out very successful trading the Forex market with the knowledge we provide here.

Topics for this course

4h 46m 03s

Private Portal?

One on One, with your Mentor


  • A computer with an internet connection
  • Time
  • The burning desire to make money through the Forex market.

Target Audience

  • New Forex Traders
  • Intermediate Forex Traders
  • Pseudo Professional Forex Traders