The Best Forex Trading Course

Get trained to trade Forex Profitably by the Best Forex Mentor, at the Slyt Edge Forex Trading School

The Best Forex Trading School

Acquire Professional forex trading skills with us for optimum results and satisfaction.

Students who take our Forex Trading Course and pay serious attention become profitable in less than 2 months on average.

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As part of our efforts to ensure you become profitable, not only are we providing the best Forex trading course, but also we are offering you highly accurate Telegram Forex Signals for free.

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You need the telegram app installed to be able to receive our Forex Signals.

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There are others but we recommend these, based on our experience trading Forex.

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Join us during London and New York Sessions and enjoy

Forex Trading Book

Get the best Forex Trading Book on the market today

In this comprehensive Forex book, we tap into decades of Forex trading experience, we write about the Psychology you require and position you to become a profitable Forex trader.

The book is available to all, regardless if you take our Forex Trading course or not, this book would be of immense help to you.


This Forex book is free for a limited time, and after that it sells for extremely low price to enable it save as many trader's as possible.


Written by a Forex Mentor with decades of experience training students to become successful trading the Forex market.


This is not another Forex book on strategy, that most often that not, do not work most of the time. This is a Forex book written to change your psychology.

Know Who We Are

The Best Forex Trading Course

Slytedge Forex Trading is about an approach to trading the Financial markets that has been identified by over a decade of trading expertise, presented to you in simple to understand format.

It is a trading philosophy that make’s it easy for you to make money trading the Forex market.

We train you to become the very best trader, to focus on trading efficiency’s and to deliver optimum results. To build your portfolio and become extremely successful over time.


Live Forex Trade's

After our training, you spend your time making money, instead of worrying.



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